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This level is accessible to people who have already successfully completed the Technician and Practitioner levels in NLP.
It offers in-depth work on personal development and self-knowledge and human nature.

Going to the heart of NLP makes it possible to master the processes of change and the support tools and to be able to apply them in multiple areas (therapy, coaching, management, training, etc.).



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        Unit 2

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Module 3

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        Module 4

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Success in the end-of-training assessment gives access to an international certification of " NLP Master Practitioner " issued by   Society of NLP.

Dates :  see calendar

concerned public

  • Heads of companies, directors of structures.

  • Team managers, heads of institutions, project managers.

  • Consultants, coaches, trainers.












Practical arrangements

Organization :The HR-Difference
Places :Nice
Dates:See calendar
Prices :Individual: €2,450 and Business: €2,940

Certificate fees:350.00 € 

This price is fixed and includes eighteen days, i.e.   126h hours. Reduction of €350.00 for group registration of levels 1 and 2 and 3.

Registration procedure:a questionnaire is sent to each participant (possibly supplemented by a telephone interview), followed by the usual documents (contract or training agreement).

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Teacher PNL  Society of NLP



Master-Instructor NLPU

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