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This level is accessible once the Technician training has been validated.
It allows to deepen the data and to expand the tools acquired at the previous level.

It presents the main techniques of change that are at the heart of NLP.

It makes it possible to support other people in an effective change process.

It thus gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals and to optimize their potential.


       Module 1

  • Day 1

      - Approfondir le questionnaire sur l'objectif et ecology

      - Identifier les critères et les valeurs importantes

      - Classer les valeurs au niveau conscient et inconscient

      - Mettre à jour les croyances aidantes et limitantes and crop them

  • Day 2

       - Discover and compare the sub-modalities


       - Apply the sub-modalities to the motivation and de  processes


       - Discover macro-action strategies

  • Day 3

       - Update and use motivational micro-strategies

       - Discover and optimize decision micro-strategies

       - Use the TOTE model to structure strategies


  • Day 4

      - Practice the SWISH to change your representations

      - Connaître le modèle des polarités et leurs manifestations

  • Day 5
    Practicing V/K Squash to facilitate inner reconciliation

       - Practice negotiation between parties, internally and with

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ people disagree

        Unit 2

  • Jday 1
    - Unlock and improve a memorization micro-strategy

       - Install a new micro-policy

       - Update and optimize learning strategies

  • Day 2
    Find a common framework to facilitate a negotiation

       - Practicing 6-Point Reframing to Creatively Solve

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ limitations

  • Day 3
    Know how to carry out a trans-derivational research

       - Change limiting repetitive scenarios

  • Day 4
    - Treating phobias and traumas

       - Know how to use metaphors of change

       - Synthesize and integrate the technician and practitioner program

  • Day 5: Certification day
    End-of-seminar evaluation (leading to an international certification issued by The Society of NLP of " PNL Practitioner ")





Success in the end-of-training assessment gives access to an international certification of " NLP Practitioner " issued by   Society of NLP .

Dates :  see calendar

concerned public

  • Heads of companies, directors of structures.

  • Team managers, heads of institutions, project managers.

  • Consultants, coaches, trainers.













Practical arrangements

Organization :The HR-Difference
Places :Nice
Dates:See calendar
Prices :Individual: €1,650 and Business: €2,050

Certificate fees:350.00 € 

This price is fixed and includes ten days, i.e.   70 hours. Reduction of €250.00 for group registration of levels 1 and 2.

Registration procedure:a questionnaire is sent to each participant (possibly supplemented by a telephone interview), followed by the usual documents (contract or training agreement).

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Teacher PNL  Society of NLP



Master-Instructor NLPU

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