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The Humanist NLP Institute is located inheart  of the Sophia-Antipolis technology park in the Alpes Maritimes and offers themed courses and workshops in person and digitally.

"He holds me toheart  that this philosophy of Life, that these resourcespriceless  be within reach of as many people as possible and embellish our daily lives". Elisabeth Falcone

Because in the field of self-knowledge and support for change, NLP is the most effective approach,  humanist and respectful in the sense that it does not have nothing "invented" but relied on observations of what "works" in certain individuals to enable others to model and adopt behaviors and processes of excellence. Solution orientation -how to make it work?- allows you to get out of a limiting context very quickly -why is this not working?

And beyond that, because it is a living approach and it evolves over time, theGenerative NLP, by reconnecting our multiple intelligences  - body / heart / head and integrating obstacles as part of the Path, opens up exceptional perspectives.

Having emerged in the 1970s, this field of research has passed over time through different generations and discoveries, to be today underpinned by discoveries in neuroscience. We place ourselves in the movement of the NLP of the 4th generation (current development).

Our various courses and workshops take place face-to-face and digitally: find out more!

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Find out more and access our different courses, it's here!

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