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What is NLP?

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The name NLP (Neuro Linquistical Programming) in French comes from the American NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Neuro:we perceive reality through our five senses (external) and we remember it (internal) in the same way (VAKOG). This process solicits the neurological system in the form of electrical impulses in the different brain areas.

Linguistic:From external and / or internal perceptions we put language on lived experiences (Meta-Model)

Programming:From neuro-linguistics and the different filters and mechanisms used, we create experiences positive, negative or neutral to which we will give helping or limiting meaning.

In the field of self-knowledge and support for change, NLP is the most effective approach,  humanist and respectful in the sense that it has nothing "invented" but relied on observations of what "works" in some individuals to enable others to model and adopt behaviors and processes of excellence. Solution orientation -how to make it work?- allows you to get out of a limiting context very quickly -why is this not working?

For almost 40 years now, NLP has found its place in business (human resources management, coaching, etc.), in communication, in education, in the social field ( conflict resolution, mediation, etc.), in high-level sport, in psychotherapy (approved by the EAP), to name just a few areas d 'apps.

Starting first and foremost with self-knowledge and the optimization of one's own potential.

NLP is a rapidly evolving field of activities and applications.

New and very promising research is  ongoing worldwide.

Neuroscience is beginning to prove today that great men - and women! - had the genius to foresee: a big THANK YOU to you!

​​NLP training is aimed at those who, through their trades or functions, work daily with an audience, and who aim to develop skills in the areas of interpersonal communication, learning (learning to learn) or support for individual or organizational change. And of course to those who want to know themselves better, access more resources and optimize their potential.

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