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  • Develop your listening and observation skills

  • Understanding language structures and using transformational grammar (Noam CHOMSKY)

  • Discover NLP models of change

  • Develop access to personal resources

  • Know how to elegantly and flexibly lead a communication process

  • Know how to set a goal and put in place strategies to achieve it

  • Learn to take a step back and be more solution-oriented

  • Integrate the fundamentals of NLP into your daily life

  • Know how to facilitate a dynamic of change

       Module 1

  • Day 1
    - Eassess skills
    – Know the generative nature of NLP and the presuppositions of NLP
    – Know how to decode the different experiences of reality
    – Identify linguistic structures: perceptual predicates

  • Day 2
    – Know how to establish rapport
    – Learn to calibrate (contrast observation)
    – Distinguish the substitutes of Noan Chomsky's transformational grammar
    – Know how to question linguistic transgressions

  • Day 3
    – Continued knowing how to question linguistic transgressions
    – Knowing how to question in order to achieve an objective
    – Learn the technique of feedback
    – Triad exercise with feedback

  • Day 4
    – Following exercise in triad with feedback

  • Day 5
    – Identify resources
    – Know how to guide an anchor
    – Know how to guide a self-anchoring
    – Backtrack of the 5 days and tasks to be done by the 2nd module

        Unit 2

  • Jday 1
    – Revise the meta-model
    – 4 exercises in subgroup
    – Knowing how to reframe meaning

  • Day 2
    – Improve resource anchors
    – Knowing how to dissociate to neutralize a situation (V/K Squash)
    – Triad exercise with feedback

  • Day 3
    – Practice strategies to regain your skills
    – Triad exercise with feedback

  • Day 4
    – Program backtrack
    – Know how to use tools with discernment
    – Practice with case studies

  • Day 5: Certification day
    – Practice the ED-EP-ECO questionnaire in triad with feedback
    – Dealing with a case study using the tools learned





Dates :  see calendar

concerned public

  • Heads of companies, directors of structures.

  • Team managers, heads of institutions, project managers.

  • Consultants, coaches, trainers.












Practical arrangements

Organization :The HR-Difference
Places :Nice
Dates:See calendar
Prices :Individual: €1,550 and Business: €1,950

Certificate fees:350.00 € 

This price is fixed and includes ten days, i.e.   70 hours. Reduction of €250.00 for group registration of levels 1 and 2.

Registration procedure:a questionnaire is sent to each participant (possibly supplemented by a telephone interview), followed by the usual documents (contract or training agreement).

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Teacher PNL  Society of NLP



Master-Instructor NLPU

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