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Elisabeth Falcone is a certified teacher

Society of NLP and Master-Teacher NLPU, labeled NLPNL,

Coach and Generative Consultant.

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What's the use of an apprenticeship if it doesn't serve our daily lives, right? And we so need to reinvent our daily lives, to realize how much we have within us absolutely EVERYTHING we need to learn and evolve.

Generative and Humanist NLP, through the reconnection of our multiple intelligences, through the reintegration and support of obstacles, allows us to do this, to access the Best of ourselves.

And it is exactly this  that I want to make accessible to as many people as possible through these themed days and workshops.


Here is the list of Workshops that we have planned for the weeks and months to come.

You will find the dates in the brochure to download, or by clicking on the links below.

Ask us your questions if you have any, we will be happy to answer them!

  • Generative NLP and Resilience in Times of Crisis.

  • Generative NLP and Digitization of Professional Interactions.

  • Generative NLP and Collective Intelligence.

  • Generative NLP and Leadership.

  • Generative NLP and Quality of Life at Work.

  • Generative NLP  and Stress Management.

  • Generative NLP  and Managerial Innovation.

  • Generative NLP andEntrepreneurship.

  • Generative NLP and family relationships: let's support our teens!

  • Generative NLP and Life Transitions.

If these questions appeal to you, you've come to the right place! 

We will put all our heart and our skills to accompany you on this journey, the most beautiful of journeys.

You will need courage, of course. Otherwise, no need for Heroes, right?

Download the description

full of workshops

Trainer Society of NLP

NLPU Master Trainer

Labeled NLPNL

Member of Dilts Strategy Group 

and the Leadership Team of Robert DILTS 

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