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The Hero's Journey "In the Heart of Self" 

Residential seminar - In the Algarve in Portugal

You wish:

  • Find or rediscover Meaning in your Life in these times of major transition?

  • Reconnect to your Deep Being to move forward on the Path that is Yours?

  • Take stock, find new life professionally and personally?

  • Detoxify yourself, mentally and physically?

  • Lay the foundations to access the Best Version of Yourself, in all its dimensions?

This time and this place are here for you!

From 9 to 13 January in the Algarve - Portugal

In compliance with local and international health standards

We will put all ourHeart  and our skills to accompany you on this Journey, the most beautiful of Journeys! 

Voyage du Héros 1 .jpg

Download the description

complete of the seminar

For more information on The Hero's Journey,it's here!

To register directly, here is the link:

For more information,contact us! 


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