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How to Live a Meaningful Life?

What is your Deepest Call?

How to respond to this call?

How to overcome your fears?

If these questions appeal to you, you've come to the right place! 

We will put all our heart and our skills to accompany you on this journey, the most beautiful of journeys.

You will need courage, of course. Otherwise, no need for Heroes, right?

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HASAuthor of the “Hero with a Thousand and One Faces”, Joseph Campbell* (1904 - 1987) is recognized as the greatest specialist in the myth. Using these, symbols and spiritual traditions of the planet, his work aims to understand Man in his identity and the meaning of his life on Earth. Joseph Campbell thus came to develop a theory that myths and other epic tales are interrelated and are "cultural manifestations of a human need to explain social, cosmological, and spiritual realities" (in The Hero's Journey ). For Campbell, all cultures share  the same archetypes. And the author thus highlights a typical journey of the Hero, with the starting conditions, the stages of development and the goals achieved.

He thus evokes the three paths that individuals can take during their life: that of the “Village”, that of the “Arid Lands”, and that of the “Voyage”.


 It is the Path of those who follow what their Heart tells them, beyond any judgment or any difficulty. It is the Path of those who respond to their Call, even if they do not understand what drives them deep within themselves. Even if they sense early on that it won't be easy, not taking this path would be unbearably painful for them. Robert Dilts speaks of it as the Path of those who follow their Vision, who have a visceral need to find their way  and who come to discover something new. “It is the path of great leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers”.

When a person decides - often unconsciously at first - to take this Path, qualities of courage, resilience, wisdom, and a greater awareness of oneself, of others, of the World, manifest themselves over time. Otherwise, it would be impossible for these people to persevere on this path. These people then bring to the World, to the Society, what was supposed to come through them.

In such a Journey we go through different stages, through a generative approach calling on multiple intelligences, which then allows us to transcend our fears and access the "Treasure", what we bring to the World, to society, to Ourselves.

This seminar guides you through this extraordinary process to accomplish your journey to accessing this new version of yourself that awaits you just on the other side! 

You come? We are waiting for you!

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