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Rules of procedure


SASU ELISABETH FALCONE-RH  develops professional training activities. These rules of procedure apply to all participants (learners) following a training course organized by the SASU ELISABETH FALCONE-RH.

Item 1:
In accordance with the legislation in force (Art. L6352-3 to 5 and R.6352-1 to 8 of the Labor Code), the purpose of these Rules is to define the general health and safety rules and the disciplinary rules.

Article 2: Persons concerned
The Regulations apply to all learners registered for a session given in the premises that we will occupy and this, for the entire duration of the training followed. Each learner is considered to have accepted the terms of this regulation when he follows a training course and accepts that measures will be taken against him in the event of non-compliance with the latter.

Article 3: General rules
Each learner must ensure his personal safety and that of others by respecting the general and specific safety and hygiene instructions in force at the training site.

Article 4: No smoking
It is strictly forbidden to smoke and to “vape” within the premises.

Article 5: Alcoholic beverages and meals
It is forbidden for learners to enter or stay in the establishment in a state of intoxication as well as to introduce alcoholic beverages. It is forbidden to take meals in the training rooms.

Article 6: Accident
Any accident or incident occurring during or during training must be immediately declared by the injured learner or the persons who witnessed the accident to the person in charge of the training or his representative.

Article 7: Fire instructions
The fire instructions and in particular a map of the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits are displayed in the training premises so that they are known to all learners. Learners are required to immediately carry out the evacuation order given by the course leader or by an employee of the establishment.

Article 8: Toxic products
Learners must not, under any circumstances, introduce products of a flammable or toxic nature, or equipment that could harm the proper functioning of the Nursery.

Section 9: Animals
Pets are prohibited in all places.

Article 10: Uniform and hours of training
Internship schedules are set by SASU ELISABETH FALCONE-RH and brought to the attention of learners. Learners are required to adhere to schedules. In case of absence or delay in the course, the learner notifies the trainer. In addition, an attendance sheet must be signed by the learner.

Article 11: Dress and behavior
Learners are invited to come to the place of training in decent clothing and to behave correctly towards anyone present in the organization.

Article 12: Use of equipment
Each learner has the obligation to keep in good condition the equipment entrusted to him for his training. Learners are expected to use the material in accordance with its purpose. The use of the material for other purposes, in particular personal, is prohibited, except for the material made available for this purpose. At the end of the course, the learner is required to return all material and documents in his possession belonging to the training organization, except for the elements distributed during the training and which the learner is clearly authorized to keep.

Article 13: Recordings, intellectual property
It is strictly forbidden, unless expressly waived, to record or film training sessions. The educational documentation provided during the sessions is protected by copyright and may not be reused other than for strictly personal use.

Article 14: Liability of the organization in the event of theft or damage to personal property of learners
SASU ELISABETH FALCONE-RH  declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal items of any kind left by learners on the premises.

Article 15: Sanctions and disciplinary procedure
Any breach by the learner of one of the provisions of these Internal Regulations may be subject to a sanction which may be: oral warning, written warning, exclusion._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_temporary as well as permanent exclusion. The definition and implementation of sanctions, as well as the disciplinary procedure, come under the Labor Code (Art. R6352-3 et seq.).

Article 16: Advertising
The learner is systematically informed of these rules of procedure before the training session. We favor electronic voice.

Article  17 – Exceptional measures related to the Covid-19 health crisis

Given this situation, we have taken appropriate measures in accordance with government directives related to the Covid-19 crisis and we ask you to please  respect the rules that we specify below:

1. We draw your attention to the hygiene measures above, and the importance of their strict application during the health crisis we are going through.
2. It is authorized to take meals in the rooms where the courses take place as long as the restaurants have not received authorization to open again. This authorization will end as soon as the restaurants reopen.
3. It is mandatory to use as soon as you enter the training body the gel or a hydro-alcoholic solution that will be made available. It will be advisable to continue after the lifting of this obligation.
4. You must be in possession of the number of "barrier" masks, called category 1 general public masks, for the duration of the training and that you wear them as soon as you enter the premises. This as long as the government obligation is not lifted.


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